Tin Humming Top

Tin Humming Top
Tin Humming Top


SKU: BJ601

  •  High quality: This classic top toy is made of high-quality imported tin-plated iron + ABS material, printed with environmentally friendly ink, and the color is bright and not easy to fade. Exquisite workmanship, good balance, easy to clean, very durable
  • 🎁 Educational toys: This kind of toy does not require batteries and can encourage children to manipulate the speed of the top, thereby helping to train childrens fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • 🎁 Easy to use: Just hold the red tip and rotate it to start rotating, and the soft plastic holder holds it in place, so it will not leave marks on the surface. When spinning, the multicolor spinning top toy makes a buzzing sound, the faster the spinning speed, the louder the sound
  • 🎁 Safe to use: The surface of the product is smooth and has no burrs, will not hurt your babys hands, and is safe to use. There are two styles of car and farm to choose from, which can meet your different needs
  • 🎁 Ideal gift: It is very suitable as a holiday gift or birthday gift to your children, which can effectively reduce the time they use electronic products to protect their eyesight