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Showing 1 - 24 of 68 products
Animal Torch & ProjectorAnimal Torch & Projector
Animal Torch & Projector
Sale price€8.00
Dino Projector & NightlightDino Projector & Nightlight
Dino Projector & Nightlight
Sale price€12.00
Space Torch & ProjectorSpace Torch & Projector
Space Torch & Projector
Sale price€8.00
Save €5.00
Smart Science Kitchen ScienceSmart Science Kitchen Science
Smart Science Kitchen Science
Sale price€13.00 Regular price€18.00
Mechanical Lab Floating ShuttleMechanical Lab Floating Shuttle
Mechanical Lab Floating Shuttle
Sale price€25.00
Telescope with TripodTelescope with Tripod
Telescope with Tripod
Sale price€60.00
Puppy Torch and ProjectorPuppy Torch and Projector
Puppy Torch and Projector
Sale price€8.00
Light up Crystal LabLight up Crystal Lab
Light up Crystal Lab
Sale price€30.00
Kidzlabs Robotic HandKidzlabs Robotic Hand
Kidzlabs Robotic Hand
Sale price€18.00
Magnet SetMagnet Set
Magnet Set
Sale price€5.00
Clementoni Science Biocosmetic LabClementoni Science Biocosmetic Lab
My First Chemistry SetMy First Chemistry Set
My First Chemistry Set
Sale price€25.00
Save €7.00
4M STEAM powered Kids Music Circuit Kit4M STEAM powered Kids Music Circuit Kit
4M STEAM powered Kids Music Circuit Kit
Sale price€18.00 Regular price€25.00
Fairytale Projector & NightlightFairytale Projector & Nightlight
Cosmic Glow GalaxyCosmic Glow Galaxy
Cosmic Glow Galaxy
Sale price€6.00
The Original Glowstars Glow 350The Original Glowstars Glow 350
Jumbo Bug JarJumbo Bug Jar
Jumbo Bug Jar
Sale price€10.00
Mechanical Lab Hotrod E Race TruckMechanical Lab Hotrod E Race Truck
National Geographic Shark Tooth Dig KitNational Geographic Shark Tooth Dig Kit
Jumbo Horseshoe MagnetJumbo Horseshoe Magnet
Jumbo Horseshoe Magnet
Sale price€6.00
Glowstars Glow Solar SystemGlowstars Glow Solar System
Glowstars Glow Solar System
Sale price€12.00
Galt Rainbow LabGalt Rainbow Lab
Galt Rainbow Lab
Sale price€20.00
Shark Torch & ProjectorShark Torch & Projector
Shark Torch & Projector
Sale price€8.00
Funtastic Science Chemistry SetFuntastic Science Chemistry Set
Funtastic Science Chemistry Set
Sale price€15.00

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