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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
Perplexus Beast Maze GamePerplexus Beast Maze Game
Perplexus Beast Maze Game
Sale price€20.00
Perplexus Rebel Maze GamePerplexus Rebel Maze Game
Perplexus Rebel Maze Game
Sale price€18.00
Rubiks Tiled Trio PackRubiks Tiled Trio Pack
Rubiks Tiled Trio Pack
Sale price€20.00
Rubiks Cube Mini 2X2Rubiks Cube Mini 2X2
Rubiks Cube Mini 2X2
Sale price€15.00
Rubiks Cube 4X4Rubiks Cube 4X4
Rubiks Cube 4X4
Sale price€25.00
Rubiks Perplexus HybridRubiks Perplexus Hybrid
Rubiks Perplexus Hybrid
Sale price€18.00
Rubiks CageRubiks Cage
Rubiks Cage
Sale price€25.00
Brainteasers PyraminxBrainteasers Pyraminx
Brainteasers Pyraminx
Sale price€20.00
Brainteasers Equal 7Brainteasers Equal 7
Brainteasers Equal 7
Sale price€15.00
Brainteasers Pyeaminx EdgeBrainteasers Pyeaminx Edge
Brainteasers Pyeaminx Edge
Sale price€20.00
Brainteasers CubigamiBrainteasers Cubigami
Brainteasers Cubigami
Sale price€15.00
Brainteasers Brainstring HoudiniBrainteasers Brainstring Houdini
Classic Edition Brain MasterClassic Edition Brain Master
Classic Edition Brain Master
Sale price€15.00
Go Genius World GameGo Genius World Game
Go Genius World Game
Sale price€25.00
Einstein Genius IQ Test KitEinstein Genius IQ Test Kit
Einstein Genius IQ Test Kit
Sale price€10.00
Save €3.00
Sci Bits Amaze BoxSci Bits Amaze Box
Sci Bits Amaze Box
Sale price€5.00 Regular price€8.00
Arrows IQ GameArrows IQ Game
Arrows IQ Game
Sale price€15.00
IQ Stars Travel GameIQ Stars Travel Game
IQ Stars Travel Game
Sale price€15.00
Mini IQ GameMini IQ Game
Mini IQ Game
Sale price€7.00
Save €2.00
Grabolo GameGrabolo Game
Grabolo Game
Sale price€13.00 Regular price€15.00
Perplexus Go Maze GamePerplexus Go Maze Game
Perplexus Go Maze Game
Sale price€10.00
Nexcube 3x3Nexcube 3x3
Nexcube 3x3
Sale price€10.00
Rubiks Race GameRubiks Race Game
Rubiks Race Game
Sale price€30.00
TapTap Smart FidgetTapTap Smart Fidget
TapTap Smart Fidget
Sale price€12.00

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