In Irish mythology Banba was a Godess of Ireland. She was married to Mac Cuill It is thought that she could have been a goddess of war as well as fertility. The LE Banba, an Irish Navy Ship (now decommissioned), was named after her.  Also, Clannad had a great album released called Banba.

Banba Toymaster is based in Mary Street, Dublin, Ireland and has been a family run business for all of its 79 years (and counting).  Originally we sold second hand books after "The Emergancy" (ask your Grandparents) because new books were extremely hard to come by.  Then as time went on, we started selling a small number of toys which over time became a great range of toys.  Fast forward to the 80's and a time of Commodore 64's and ZX Spectrums and "the web" was something in the corner of your bedroom that kept you awake at night wondering where the spider actually was.  We were instrumental in setting up the Toymaster group in Ireland which brought together a number of independently owned toy shops to help create what Toymaster is today. 

We consider ourselves "A traditional Toy Shop" and will do our best to provide a service that is second to none.  We stock a wide range of jigsaws, boardgames and model kits, along with the latest must have toys and crazes.

Our Mary Street shop has been used as a "Location" for a number of TV advertisments and television series over the years and was used once for the launch of the St Vincent De Paul Christmas Toy Appeal when Ryan Turbidy hosted his breakfast show from the shop.