Carcassonne Count King & Robber Expansion Pk 6

Carcassonne Count King & Robber Expansion Pk 6


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Carcassonne: Count, King and Robber is the sixth expansion for the classic game, Carcassonne from Z-Man Games and designer Klaus-Jurgen Wrede. There are four parts to this expansion adding so much variety and choice to add to the original Carcassonne.

The count of Carcassonne has appeared, place the city of Carcassonne as the alternate start tiles and the count meeple in the city districts letting you take over features that other players control!

The cultists have arrived in Carcassonne to challenge the monks and abbots of the monasteries. The cult shrines can be placed next to monasteries, challenging their supremacy and stopping their owners from gaining points - but beware, this can be done the other way too with monasteries challenging the shrines in a tug of war between the established religion and the dangerous new cult.

The King and the Robber have come to claim the lands of Carcassonne. The ownership of the King will pass between players as they complete cities, the largest of which will have the king token, the player at the end of the game who has the King's token will scare an extra point for all completed cities on the board.

Like the King, the robber will pass ownership from player to player depending on who has completed the longest road. At the end of the game the player who has the robber will score an extra point for every completed road on the board. Both the king and robber can be shared if there is a tie for largest city or longest road, but who wants to share points in Carcassonne?

For those who like to play with the river, the river two is now included and is a new take on the original river adding in a T-junction to the river, creating a vast and multi-directional river.

Carcassonne: Count, King and Robber, the sixth expansion to the world of Carcassonne.

Player Count: 2-6
Time: 40-60 Minutes
Age: 7+