Schleich Llama

Schleich Llama
Schleich Llama


SKU: SH13920

  • The llama from Schleich Farm World has a dense, white fur. Its wool is wonderfully soft, warms very well and is suitable for allergy sufferers. Lamas are humpless camels that originate from the South American Andes and feed on plants and grasses.
  • They have a split lip and are known to swaddle their rivals to regulate the rank ratio within their herd. towards people, they are exceptionally friendly and gentle.
  • When the ears are set up and the tail points down, a lama feels comfortable.
  • The Schleich figures are modelled in detail and stand for educational play.
  • The item belongs to the theme world Farm World and is suitable for children between 3-8 years.