Monopoly Surprise Community Chest

Monopoly Surprise Community Chest
Monopoly Surprise Community Chest


SKU: KX00435

  • MONOPOLY SURPRISE COLLECTIBLES: Unbox never-before-seen tokens of Mr. Monopoly! Across the 3 different community chests, find new collectible coins, exclusive gold toned tokens, expressions, different coloured plaques, chase tokens and more!
  • OVER 25 NEW TOKENS: Build suspense over which one you will reveal with 10 fun surprises to discover and over 25 new tokens across 3 different Community Chests! Which new Mr. Monopoly will you find? What coin will you get?
  • COLLECT, PLAY AND DISPLAY: Have you found the super rare and ultra rare tokens? Collect them all, use them in your board game play, and display them for all to see!
  • AGE & SUITABILITY: Featuring exclusive tokens and collectable figures which you won't find anywhere else, these kids collectables, suitable for 8 years and over, will add another dimension to any monopoly game
  • IDEAL GIFT: Great to give as a birthday present or Christmas gift for kids, each mystery box is sure to ramp up family time with a fun new surprise factor