Orchard Farm 4 In A Box

Orchard Farm 4 In A Box
Orchard Farm 4 In A Box


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A set of four bright, colourful farmyard puzzles which will appeal to younger children. Each puzzle has a different number of pieces; the bright red tractor ploughing the field has just 4 pieces, making it a good starter puzzle. It shows one tractor so has a number 1 in the corner. Then they can progress to the 6 piece puzzle, showing two friendly cows in a field, with a number 2. The 8 piece puzzle has 3 woolly sheep, and the 12 piece puzzle has 4 cheeky chickens. Children will enjoy progressing towards the harder puzzle. Initially they can be given the pieces for just one puzzle to complete, but as they become more accomplished, they can mix all the puzzle pieces together to make it a little bit more challenging. The puzzles are made of sturdy, recycled board, with a wipe-clean surface. An activity guide printed on the box will suggest other ways to enhance the play value of the puzzles: how many eggs can you see in the chicken puzzle? Which puzzle has a bird in? What noise do cows make? Is the bush in front of or behind the cows? Children will enjoy the clear, colourful illustrations while learning basic number skills and extending their vocabulary.



1 four-piece puzzle
1 six-piece puzzle
1 eight-piece puzzle
1 twelve-piece puzzle