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The Action Heroes Dino Adventure Quad is the perfect ready-to-play set for prehistoric "roarsome” fun. The explorer can run away from the 8.5cm tall Triceratops with his super fast quad. The explorer stands over 7cm tall and comes dressed in a camouflage khaki outfit complete with hat, always ready for fun adventures. The action figure is two characters in one! Simply twist the head to reveal different facial expressions. Who will you choose? The cool, calm explorer or the explorer being chased by dinosaurs? The 14cm long 4x4 vehicle is free-wheeling and always ready for an expedition. The Explorer has also packed lots of accessories in their 4x4, for locating the dinosaur. These include a pretend knife to cut through the bush, a compass and a map for guidance, binoculars to look for the dino from a distance, a camera for taking pictures in case they find it, a walkie talkie to communicate with their mates, a torch for when it gets dark, a flare gun in case the dangerous dino gets too close them and a bag. Once the chase is over, they can store their tools in the box at the back of the 10cm tall quad. Both figures have interchangeable body parts so you can pop and swap to create your very own dino species! Compatible with the other Action Heroes characters and playsets (sold separately). The more you collect, the more Action Heroes characters you can create! No batteries required. Kid-powered all action fun! Recommended for children aged 4 years and over.



3 piece pack: 1x 14cm long Quad vehicle, 1x 18cm long Triceratops dinosaur and 1x explorer figure standing over 7cm tall.
Pop and swap the Triceratops dinosaur and explorer figure heads to create your own unique action hero. Compatible with the other Action Heroes characters and playsets (sold separately).
The Action Heroes explorer figure is 2 characters in 1 - twist the head to reveal different and fun facial expressions.
The free-wheeling 4x4 quad vehicle comes with a box in the back, to store lots of small themed accessories (Map, Compass, Torch, Binoculars, Camera, Bag, Walkie-Talkie, Flare Gun and Knife)
Inspiring fun prehistoric imaginative play - the perfect action figures starter playset for little dinosaur lovers.


1 x Triceratops Dinosaur, 1 x Quad Vehicle, 1 x Explorer Figure, 9x Toy Accessories (Bag, Binoculars, Camera, Compass, Map, Flare Gun, Knife, Torch and Walkie-Talkie)

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